A Brand Is Born!

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Like a lot of ideas and inventions, OURizona was a total accident. Let me give you a brief background. My girlfriend owns Burst of Butterflies Create & Paint Studio, in downtown Chandler. Every summer, the studio has seven weeks worth of art camp, with a different theme, each week. This year, because of COVID-19, there was the possibility that a couple of extra camps could be added, since the beginning of the new school year was being delayed. While at work, one day, I decided to jot down a few theme ideas for the extra camps. Of course, my few theme had turned into a list of about 25. Later that evening, I read them to my girlfriend. Needless to say, we decided to narrow the list down. Obviously, I had come up with enough themes to fill the next three years of summer camps. It just so happened, though, that tucked in near the middle of that long list, was the word Ourizona. I came up with this word, to be used as an art camp theme for the kids to paint and create things that Arizona is known for. We both liked the name, but the more that I thought about it, the more I began thinking, “WOW! This could be so much bigger than just the theme of a one week art camp.” I decided to capitalize the OUR, to make it OURizona and it was instantly transformed into a personal state pride word, that still sounds similar to saying Arizona. Like Bob Ross said, ” Happy Little Accidents.”, and the rest is history.